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SpinTunes #14 Round 1 Challenge
This Place is a Zoo: Refer to your pet as your roommate and write a song about what your roommate did today, never mentioning its species in the lyrics. If you don't have a pet, make one up.

date: 2018-04-08


My hands are shaking
Can't keep up the pace
So many things to do
While you sleep through the day

My head is spinning
Can't keep up the pace
While you have your fun
I'll try to run the place

You just lay down wherever you want
Or eat from the ground
Playing silly ball games
With your filthy mouth

My legs are tired
Can't keep up the pace
Clearing your mess
Please try to drool less

You ask for food all the time
And when I refuse you start to whine

On the couch
With your head in my lap
I forget all the troubles
You're so fab


from Sounds Like Tomorrow, released July 11, 2017




Rob From Amersfoort Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Post-Retro Indie-Pop

Influences: Beatles, Prince, Fiona Apple, Roxy Music, Elliott Smith, Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Michael Penn, Suzanne Vega, Neil Finn, Wilco, Liz Phair.

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