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Small Music

by Rob From Amersfoort

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Recorded during 2013.

"Concise and Catchy"

Expect lots of mellotron, organ, and other retro stuff.

It's yours for free. I'm not making music for money.
(robste at xs4all dot nl).


released March 8, 2013

All songs written & recorded by Rob From Amersfoort except for Magic Hands (lyrics by Complex Is Simple) and I Remember (lyrics by Capricious Angel).




Rob From Amersfoort Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Post-Retro Indie-Pop

Influences: Beatles, Prince, Fiona Apple, Roxy Music, Elliott Smith, Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Michael Penn, Suzanne Vega, Neil Finn, Wilco, Liz Phair.

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Track Name: One Minute Song
Well my dear
Everything I’ve got to say
In one minute
Is that what you want to hear

My opinion about
Paintings and books
Music, iphones, films and tv crooks

(one minute song)

Politics, gardening, IT and sport
Fashion, food
I think this song
Will be too short
Track Name: Love Is Good
It doesn’t matter
If you’re here or there
It plays with your heart
And makes you aware

Love is good
Love is good
You can feel it everywhere
It is in the ground and in the air
Love is good
Love is hood

If you believe
In one god or more
There is always someone
To open up a door

Love is good
Love is good
I can sing this same old song
The whole day long
Love is goooood
Track Name: Waiting For The Sun To Rise
Stroking my face
Touching my arms
Burning my fears away
Pushing away the clouds

I’m waiting for the sun
To rise

I’m in a tunnel
Driving to the light
I need a friend
To push away the night
Track Name: She's A Song
She married that actor
Who is a bit of a freak
With his strange religion
And his small physique
Somewhere in Manhattan
That’s where she can be found
A pool filled with beauty
And talent all around

She’s a singer in a band
She’s an actress who understands
She‘s a model
She’s a model
She’s a song

She married this singer
Dreadlocks over his eyes
They had one kid
Before she exposed his lies
Somewhere in France
That’s where she can be found
A pool filled with beauty
And talent all around

She sings in a band
With a name like vest
I follow her around
But I’m not obsessed
Somewhere in Sweden
That’s where she can be found
A pool filled with beauty
And talent all around
Track Name: How Exciting Life Would Be In Another City
The urge to leave
Sometimes it’s strong

Live seems taking place
Somewhere else
I am still here
Where I was born

I can’t seem to get away
Fear of change is in the way

How life will be
How life will be
How exciting life will be
In another city
In a real city

When I drive around the city
Detours on B roads
Houses on the waterfront
I could live there someday

Fear is in my way
Track Name: I'm A Bruce Springsteen Song
It’s a pretty long road
A desolate highway
No one the pass by
Nowhere to go

It’s a small farms village
A midtown city
Labour day and night
In the local mines

Social inequality can be overcome

I am a Bruce Springsteen song

Indian summer
Something is in the air
A sultry kiss
A small affair

I am a Bruce Springsteen song
Track Name: Everything Changes
Everything changes
Nothing remains the same
You become older
No one to blame

Try to participate
Or stick to the past
It’s up to you
Be first or last

Why do they’ve got
To change everything

My old school
The corner shop
The bookstore I loved
It’s all gone

Why do they’ve got
To change everything
Is it to prevent
Life from getting boring
Track Name: You Need To Be Nicer
Moody in the morning
Never say hello
Silent like a wall
Another all-time low

You need to be wiser
You need to be nicer
Every day
Every way

I trust you with my secrets
I present you my art
Slippery like Teflon
And you break my heart

I need to be wiser
But you need to be nicer
Every day
Track Name: If You Don't Expect Much (You'll Be Happy)
Winning the lottery
Making a promotion
My favorite team
winning the soccer league

Rainless vacations
Faithfull politicians
Or a garden without weed

I’ve waited a long time
It will never happen

Feeling happy
A longterm relationship
Is that so much
To ask for

If You Don’t Expect Much (You’ll Be Happy)
Track Name: You're Losing It
Complicate the complications
on a crawl to crazed
disconnect from reality,
and you’ll be amazed

you’re losing it
you’re losing it
no matter how many pills you take
you’re losing it

you want to flee
disconnect from your family
it’s all a lie
you’re the enemy
Track Name: Magic Hands - I Remember
lyrics by Complex Is Simple:

Taste in me my own zest, tell me when I'm at my best
These aren't any old chest, lips, legs, hair,
But I'm hardly there without you
Even though I'm bare, without you and your magic hands
. . . Everything tastes bland

lyrics by Capricious Angel:

I remember the salt of your lips
The sweet tang as you sighed
The sugar of your smile
I remember the shape of your hips
The dark glow of your eyes
That made it worthwhile

I remember the dreams that we dreamed
The hopes that we shared
I remember how your eyes lit up
How it seemed you really cared
Track Name: Why Is The Road So Long
When I drive
I stare at the distance
Avoiding potholes
It’s a bumpy ride

Why is the road so long
My life seems one long drive
Why is the road so long

Try to comply
With the curves in the road
Sometimes it’s a highway
Sometimes an unpaved path

Why is the road so long
My life seems one long drive
Being overtaken
Left and right
Why is the road so long

And when I take a detour
Forced by a traffic jam
I feel freed
Into the wide open

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