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Filthy Séance (22​:​29)

by Rob From Amersfoort

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Recorded during FAWM-2012 and 5090-2012.

Update January 2015# Added My Cat Is Dead and Flying Monkeys (both from 2012).


released January 10, 2012




Rob From Amersfoort Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Post-Retro Indie-Pop

Influences: Wilco, Elliott Smith, Roxy Music, Fiona Apple, Harry Nilsson, Michael Penn, Suzanne Vega, Neil Finn, Suede, Bowie, Liz Phair, Beatles, Prince.

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Track Name: Teardrop Son
It's a strange perk
I must confess
You cannot resent
This written mess

The wall black
Egg revoking
The ink blur
I ain't joking

I lost
You won
Teardrop son

Filthy seance
Wonder ego
Herb hating
Yeti witch
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Start
I'm like my car
On a bad day
I'm like a train
With some delay

I'll do it tomorrow
Mañana sounds fine
The couch is soft
The wine devine

I don't wanna
I don't wanna
I don't wanna
I don't wanna
Track Name: Second Term President
He nice to meet you
I'm your man
Tell me what you want
And I do what I can

I can lower taxes
Decrease the deficit
Banish unemployment
And defeat that mormon Mitt

I'm a
3x Second Term President

I'll end all wars
And close GBay
I'll fix global warming
Osama won't get away

of wait, we already got him

I'm a
3x Second Term President

vote for me.

I'll never tell a lie
I'm the man with the plan
And when I die
I'll rise again

I'm a
3x Second Term President

And with a bit of luck
I won't be a lame duck

(this message was not approved by president Obama)
Track Name: (Just A) Soundcheck
I can say that I love you
I’ll move for you
I want your children
I’ll even love them too
But it’s worth a heck
This is just a soundcheck

I can say I feel happy
I can think I feel free
I’m smart as a whistle
And rich like a bee
But it’s worth a heck
This is just a soundcheck
Track Name: Daddy Ran Away
Papa didn’t save
Enough money
To be our dad

So he ran away
So he ran away
So he ran away
Daddy ran away

Now we’re starving
Begging for food
Mam is a junk
Mam is drunk

Daddy ran away
Daddy ran away
Daddy ran away
Daddy ran away
Track Name: Noziroh Eht No Epoh
There's always a new beginning
Hope on the horizon
One day you'll be winning
And realizing
Life is worth living
Track Name: I Feel Free
I don’t care about you
You don’t care about me
We don’t care about each other
And I feel free
Track Name: In Front Of The TV
let me present you
with the things I know
it may sound ridiculous
but it’s just for show

it may be creepy
it may be lame
you can loose your money
i’m not to blame

another productive day
in front of the TV
is this what your life
is gonna be

in the end you wonder
what just went by
and you may ponder
to laugh or to cry

sometimes it’s better
not to think about things
sometimes you can get there
without committing sins
Track Name: Jonathan
he saw her
while repairing her car
at his garage
a real movie star

he watched her films
read all her books
visited her concerts
admiring her looks

her biggest fan

he wrote her letters
poured out his soul
so much to say
to his idol

he send her emails
composed her a song
never a reply
something must be wrong

her brake fluid light
went red instead of green
her car dissappeared
in a deep ravine

he visits her grave
twice a day
a flower for his lady
and so much to say
Track Name: Werewolf
Kitty roams the streets
day and night
searching for food
or someone to fight

Kitty is a werewolf
Kitty is a werewolf

Her presence makes you laugh or cry
sometimes she is brutal
sometimes she is shy

And when she picks you
to mate with her
put your hands
in her warm fur
Track Name: My Cat Is Dead
She was sick
Laid down her head
Now she’s gone
My dearloved cat
My cat is dead

I’ve saved her
From the animal shelter
Fat and smart
She stole my heart

She became thinner
Her vision retarded
Her hearing impaired
Her fur matted
She couldn’t hear me anymore

In my mind she is still alive
Leaving a path of destruction
With her sweeping tail
In a feline paradise
Track Name: Big Leap
When you leave your home
To live on your own

When you marry your spouse
and buy a new house

It's a big leap
It's a big leap

When you hold your newborn
baby in your arm

When you're dying in bed
Filled with regrets
Track Name: +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-

my brain

everything is +-
everything is +-

DC currents
magnetic fields

oh how I wish
I was floating
like a particle
on a steady wave

I like to slap you
Ying & Yang

everything is +-
everything is +-
Track Name: Every Night
every night
we end up fighting
you ain’t worth
my time anymore

every night
i wish i was alone
your eyes are like stone
i wish you were gone

i don’t care about the fish
i don’t care about the meat
i don’t care about the wine
i’m wasting my time / i’m losing my mind

every night
i try to remember
words of the past
who am i doing it for
Track Name: Flying Monkeys
when will there
be peace on earth
no more wars
we'll all be friends

when will we stop
lying and cheating
killing and raping
we'll all join hands

when will monkeys fly
when will monkeys fly

in laboratories
with genetics

animal drones
in the USA

when will monkeys fly
when will monkeys fly

if you've never seen a flying monkey
then you clearly don't dream enough
Track Name: Let's Call It Quits
Life is a game
But my hands are tied

life is a play
I'm on the losing side

I don't care anymore
I've run out of tricks

Let's call it quits

I get up and I feel down
newspapers filled with crime

I miss my inner clown
I feel like tainted wine

I look at the door
Nothing could be fixed

I call it quits

This is the end of the line